Treat Your Life like You would a game. An easy game is boring but that with difficulties and challenges a fun, Enjoy the game, no matter how easy or how difficult and when stuck remember that every level in the game has a way out as long as the gamer has hope and plays with the right attitude- Dhruv

Treat Your Life…

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The future lies in the imagination. The imagination is going to get louder and louder and louder. This is all about the rules of mind overwhelming the rules of physics. The rules of physics say you know you are a body, you are on a planet, you have weight, you have momentum, you must behave like this and like this and like this. And mind says no. I want to be pure unleashed conceptuality. I want to be a thought blown in a hyperdimensional wind. I want to move from planet to planet in a twink of an eye. I want to know everything, see everything, be everything, feel everything. And by that means, somehow, I will make my way back to my higher and hidden source.

Go to the highest mountains.
The oldest cities.
The deepest deserts.
The most remote jungles.
And just simply put yourself in these circumstances,
The cosmic giggle can get at you.

– Terence McKenna

The future lies…

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