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How to force people into liking your Display Picture

Ever put up an amazing display pic on your favorite social networking site and felt it went unnoticed?

For those people who seem to get 100+ likes for any pic they put, the following article is irrelevant, but if you don’t belong in this category you have come to the right place..

Ok before you start to doubt my credibility and ask questions like what gives me the right to tell you how to get so many  likes and comments. I would like to tell you that I believing in practicing before preaching and will now share with you how i managed to get a lot of likes and comments with this simple trick(which I did myself)

The trick is really simple and one that you may know, but have just never realized so without further due here it is:

“Put up something really shocking about yourself as the display picture”

You may ask what does it mean by putting up something really shocking?

What it means is if you want to get a lot of likes and comments, post up a totally transformed shocking pic of yours that would grab  everyone’s attention.. For instance:

In my case people are used to of seeing me as a decent person with clean shave nerdy look , so imagine their shock when they  logged onto facebook one day and noticed  my new  rough and tough bearded look . This mere change in my appearance was enough to make people pause their farmville and give their expert opinion to me.

So If you are an overweight person and you have just lost a lot of weight, wear clothes that make you look really thin and then post the pic(will be especially helpful if your previous pics are those where you seem overweight).

Or like me If you happen to be a nerd and people see you with a clean shaved look, post up a pic with a beard that makes you look rough and tough(don’t get a fake beard and if you don’t get complete facial hair.. pls avoid, you don’t want to make a complete fool out of yourself).

Try out this simple trick and hope it works for you like it did for me.

Oh and one more small tip, the more the number of friends you have, the more the likes you will get(infact this is the only thing in the entire article that would make sense, rest is just written to make an impression)

Now go out there and start shocking people.



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