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Being Healthy Vs Being Fit

Gym has now become a part of my life and if you read my blog  “An addiction of my own making” you will realize how restless I feel when I don’t go to the gym for even a single day.

Initially when I began to go to the gym I didn’t go with the intention of muscle building or losing fat(which is the only reason for most people to go to the gym), but with the need to stay healthy as my day involved being at office from morning to evening. My philosophy is that it is more important to be healthy than to be fit.

What is the difference between being healthy and being fit you may ask?

Being fit is basically  having the right figure and is mainly concerned with exercising

Being healthy is concerned with eating right, exercising right and even thinking right.

My Aim is to be healthy first and then be fit.

If you are lying on the bed struck with fever, the reduced size of your waistline or the gigantic biceps wouldn’t buy you a peaceful sleep.


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