An Addict of my own making

15 Mar

As I lay in the warm protection of my blanket with the cool airconditoner breeze sweeping across me , a strange sense of restlessness filled me. The same kind of uneasy feeling that a smoker experiences when he hasn’t kissed his darling cigarette and the one felt by a drug addict when not smelt the heavenly drug he so badly seeks.

But why did I experience this, I do not lust after a cigarette, nor has there ever been any drug that has bought such uneasiness to me.

Being the intuitive person I am, I soon realized that for the past two months on a daily basis, I had exposed my body to a concert involving drums played by my heart and splendid  breakdance performance by my body which would end in destruction of a number of the muscle instruments and a lot of rain.

And I had reached a stage where my body had been addicted to this concert that takes place in what some people call a ‘gym’. And since my body had not been treated to this concert for two days it had begun to long it and would not permit me to be in peace until I was forced to get up from the bed and go the concert at almost 12 in the night(the next being a working day. ).

After I had attended the concert(gone to gym) I had the same feeling a smoker experiences when he puffs his cigarette after a long time Or the person with drugs feels when he smells the heavenly scent of his drug.

My body realizing that its desires had been met, welcomed the sleep like a long lost friend and me and my sleep lived happily ever after(until morning when sleep left me again for the alarm clock, what a two timing bitch sleep is!).

Why is happening to me? Am I turning into an addict of my own making? Is this a bad thing Or a blessing in disguise?

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